Eyelash Tinting


This is a very popular treatment to have whether its for a special occasion, going on holiday or for every day to day functions to save time.  Great for all of us busy ladies, don't we have enough to do in the morning without having to hurriedly apply mascara before the school run or work, then ending up with clogged eyelashes or mascara in places it shouldn't be! Go for the easier option and have them tinted, as this lasts 6-8 weeks, giving you more time & a better result.


A little information:

Eyelashes and eyebrows protect your eyes from moisture and dust, but the lashes and brow also give definition to the eye.  Tinting the length of the eyelash or brow hair makes it appear longer and bolder, yet creates a natural look effect.


Benefits of Eyelash Tinting
  1. End result is very natural
  2. Less time applying make up
  3. Colour is waterproof and does not smudge or streak

Particularly recommended to Clients who:

  1. Naturally have fair lashes benefit greatly from having them tinted.
  2. Are allergic to/can't/ or prefer not to wear mascara
  3. Have difficulty applying eye make up
  4. Have had their hair tinted a darker shade
  5. Regularly active in sports or active career/lifestyle
  6. Work or live in a hot environment




Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

  • Creates a more defined look to the eyebrow 
  • Colour is waterproof
  • Effect is very natural
  • People who naturally have fair eyebrows benefit greatly from having them tinted.