First of all, the important information:                      


Products used in all of my Facial Treatments contain organic essential oils, so they increase and stimulate amino acids (collagen) to plump up your skin to push out fine lines.


All products have been carefully chosen to ensure they are of a high quality to help restore a healthy glowing youthful appearance with fewer lines, but most importantly contain no harsh damaging chemicals!


Whether its your first facial with myself or your tenth, you will receive a consultation to analyse your skin condition.  This is to advise you on which facial treatment is best for your individual needs at that moment in time.  I know my skin changes on a regular basis either due to diet, stress, illness or a change in the weather and thats why it is vital, to ensure you have the correct treatments to help your skin repair and protect itself.


Treatment information:


All facials include a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, its a great way to unwind and let stress just float away.  When you are relaxed with that warm fuzzy feeling, a face mask will be freshly prepared to ensure you receive a tailored and effective treatment specific to your skin needs.


Oh and another important bit: no hard sales afterwards to stress you out, you can just walk away feeling relaxed and content or if you like a product I can order it, the choice is yours, all I ask is let me do the work and you enjoy your 'ME TIME'




Contact Telephone No: 07966330021