SPRAY TANNING is the way forward, it is the safest way to achieve a beautiful healthy tan, without the worry of radiation, burning & premature ageing from sunbeds.


This is treatment looks after your skin and there's no need to worry about mess or smell as I have a great pop up tent which contains the tan mist and the products smell gorgeous! You are tanned in 15 mins and dried so your not left with that awful sticky feeling. You can get dressed right away & have an immediate gorgeous golden glow without looking the slightest bit unnatural!


Here's a few do's & don'ts to ensure you get a perfect long lasting tan:




*Lightly exfoliate your whole body 24hrs before the treatment, particular on dry skin areas, such as elbow, knees, heels & any hard skin areas & lightly moisturise afterwards.


*Don't shower immediately before treatment as the solution is more compatible on slightly acidic skin & don't shave/wax 24hrs before treatment - do it 48hrs before.


*Do completely remove makeup, deodrant, makeup  jewellery & wear old underwear/bikini to tan in if required.




* Wear old or dark clothing &  if heading straight home dont popv your bra back on to prevent line marks on shoulders and underarms. Also please don't shower or exercise till at least 6hrs after treatment.


* Don't bathe/exfoliate or use exfoliating face washers or toners for 24hrs  & avoid shaving for at least 12 hrs to prevent streaks.  


* Do moisturise your skin daily to prolong your tan & use suitable suntan lotion in the sun as this product will not protect you from the sun rays.



Any doubts or questions dont hesitate to contact me and I am more than happy to talk them through with you - no question is stupid, so ask away! :)








Contact Telephone No: 07966330021